The following list provides a brief description of a select number of our deals in progress and will be periodically updated going forward:

Smart bio-telemetry company
A company in London providing remote health monitoring via an instrumented mouthpiece that facilitates collection of bio-telemetric data and employs AI analytics to drive the early detection and prevention of irregular health conditions non-invasively and in real-time. This technology is currently applied in detection and diagnostics of head trauma.

This young company is rising to the call by the UK to develop products and services to mitigate the challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. This company is utilising their technology base to develop product and services to detect and identify coronavirus symptoms in patients.

Aquitaine is advising this firm on development of their strategic and commercial plan and on sourcing capital in order to scale their production and R&D capabilities.

Hong Kong-based health-tech company
This is formerly a family-owned major pharmaceutical and medical equipment distributor to the Hong Kong market. Now the third generation owner is embarking on significant restructuring of the business to develop this into a full scale international trade and services enterprise in the health care arena.

Aquitaine is advising on this firm’s transformation and business acceleration plan. We are also as­sisting this firm in securing international industry partners and development finance to achieve their strategic visions.

Israeli cyber-security start-up
This is a cyber security firm focusing on using their patented proprietary technology to provide risk management for digital assets transaction - monitoring, tracking and risk mitigation. They are using the algorithmic based platform to provide threat information to their customers, in particular sup­port KYC, AML processes of financial institutions which are dealing in digital assets. Aquitaine is advising this client on identifying Asian partners and sources of development finance.

Hong Kong-based edu-tech company
Aquitaine is advising a consortium of companies in their developing the master concept of an Education Technol­ogy City in the Great Bay Area of China. Aquitaine will also assist in promot­ing development of the Edu-tech City to European investors and companies.

Gas field expansion in Europe
Canadian listed client has offtake agreements in place for currently producing gas field. Client is seeking USD20m of equity to improve and expand gas field and will be seeking another USD100m in debt. Equity take or debt take would be of interest. Aquitaine will advise its client on sourcing and qualifying financing proposals.

Australian commodities group
Group is seeking USD20m in equity to expand its current port facilities for agricultural shipping to Asia. The client will also be seeking USD100m in debt funding. Aquitaine will advise its client on sourcing and qualifying financing proposals.

IFA aggregator
A leading Independent Financial Advisor is seeking GBP40m of debt funding which can be placed as a CLO with a leading Singapore-based bank if the investor takes up all, or a substantial portion, of the debt financing. Aquitaine is advising its client on the transaction and on sourcing qualified investors.