Aquitaine Advisors is an independent, integrity-driven business and strategic advisory firm.

Our present business practice continues in line with the foundation and approach of our predecessor, Aquitaine Investment Advisors Limited, and builds upon our predecessor’s traditions as they developed and were consistently practiced for over 20 years. As a bridge between East and West, Aquitaine has helped corporates, family offices and institutions enhance their value.

Our core business now is to provide bespoke marketing, capital raising and advisory services to private companies as well as to select private equity and venture fund managers. We are able to introduce and match them with the capital and expertise of over 500 family offices, institutions and external sponsors that have been established and fostered since 1999.

We also recognize that every family and institution is unique and now, increasingly on their instruction, source and execute qualified direct private investments on their behalf. Aquitaine seeks to serve by helping its clients achieve their investment goals, whether they are generational transfers, diversification or sustainability objectives. 

The current Aquitaine Advisors is a 21st century organization and, based on its early adoption by Aquitaine Investment Advisors Ltd, our now over-arching belief is that technology, in all its forms, will play an increasingly disruptive role in our world.

We are intellectually stimulated by the idea that Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT, aka Block Chain), Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced communications will drive productivity and service delivery along with new business paradigms. We are very keen to have conversations on all of the above in any sector and find hidden value by scrutinizing the myriad options.

However, this primary focus does not mean that we will abandon traditional asset classes for we will continue to look for opportunities in traditional sectors such as financial services, real estate and manufacturing.

With personnel in London, Germany and Hong Kong, Aquitaine Advisors provides the experience, the expertise and the market reach to assist its clients to enhance their value.